Empowering Long Island City High School with a partnership with 14th Laundry and Zone 126 for a free laundry program.


In the bustling ambiance of Long Island City, a unique collaboration brews – an alignment forged by a shared goal to empower youth and facilitate their journey toward success. This comes in the form of an immensely impactful partnership between 14th Laundry and Zone 126, an organization firmly rooted in its mission to mobilize community assets to support children and families. Their joint endeavor, the SUDZ for School Success initiative a free laundry program, aims to alleviate a subtle yet prevailing obstacle in students’ lives: access to laundry facilities. More information can be found here at the launch of this program.


A surprising number of students across the United States face barriers related to basic needs, such as clean clothing, that can inadvertently hinder their academic and social development. Recognizing this, 14th Laundry and Zone 126 sought to mitigate such challenges for students at Long Island City High School through the SUDZ for School Success program.

The SUDZ for School Success Initiative: A free laundry program

This program is not merely about washing clothes; it’s about washing away barriers and preconceived notions of limitations. It’s about promoting a sense of pride among students, ensuring they can attend school confidently, with clean clothes, thereby reducing absences related to lack of access to clean clothing.

The initiative involves setting up an accessible laundry facility within the school, where students can have their clothes cleaned, free of charge, in a safe and supportive environment. This seemingly simple act extends beyond the garments, promoting dignity, self-esteem, and a tangible support system that reflects a community rallying around its young people.

The Role of 14th Laundry

14th Laundry, known for its state-of-the-art laundry services, brings forth its expertise and resources to ensure the program’s seamless operation. Not only providing machines and detergents but also dedicating their staff to manage the facilities, assist students, and maintain an efficient, operational laundry service within the school. This altruistic endeavor speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to its community, as they launder not just clothes, but also cultivate seeds of positivity and empowerment among the youth.

Anime style illustration of a happy child dressed as a superhero receiving a gift of freshly laundered clothes. The child is depicted with typical a
Empowering Long Island City High School with a partnership with 14th Laundry and Zone 126 for a free laundry program. 2

The Influence of Zone 126

Simultaneously, Zone 126, with its robust history of championing initiatives that elevate communities, plays a pivotal role in integrating the SUDZ for School Success initiative within the educational ecosystem. They work intricately with the school, liaising with administrators, educators, and students to ensure the initiative is well-embedded and meets its intended objectives. The organization also takes strides in interlinking the initiative with other support systems and resources, thereby creating a holistic network that nurtures the students’ overall well-being and academic journey.

The Anticipated Impact

The program anticipates not only reducing school absences but also enhancing students’ self-esteem and social interactions, fostering a healthy, conducive learning environment. Moreover, it sends a potent message to students that their community is invested in their success and well-being, generating a ripple effect that extends to their families and the wider community.

In Conclusion

14th Laundry and Zone 126, through the SUDZ for School Success initiative, exemplify how businesses and organizations can synergize, turning expertise and resources into a force that uplifts and enriches the community. As the wheels of the washing machines spin, so too does the positive impact radiate throughout Long Island City High School, purifying not only fabrics but also solidifying a foundation upon which students can confidently build their futures. Through clean clothes and nurtured self-esteem, the youth are empowered to tread paths of endless possibilities, with the unwavering support of their community behind them.

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