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Empowering Long Island City High School with a partnership with 14th Laundry and Zone 126 for a free laundry program.

Introduction In the bustling ambiance of Long Island City, a unique collaboration brews – an alignment forged by a shared goal to empower youth and ...
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This picture shows the teams of 14th Laundry, PS 171, and Zone 126 launching the free laundry services for children and families in need.

Free laundry services for PS 171 via 14th Laundry

Free Laundry services for PS 171 students via 14th Laundry 14th Laundry is proud to announce a new initiative to help low income students from ...
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Bagged Laundry @ 14th Laundry

How to do your Laundry @ 14th Laundry

How to do your laundry properly @ 14th Laundry Laundry is one of those certainties in life – like “death and taxes”. It is a ...
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